15 Best DIY Alcohol Ink Ideas and Crafts

Alcohol Ink Ideas – It could seem it demands a whole lot of ability or that alcohol crafting is somewhat intimidating, but you may see many things you can make using them as soon as you start playing this medium. Here’s a fast insight into this method, simply to get something to begin with!

DIY Marbled Vinyl Decals

Use glistening vinyl sheets to make these wonderful stickers. You are able to cut the vinyl in almost any desirable contour – letters, geometric shapes, hearts etc..

See how to perform it here.

Jewelry Dishes

And should you require somewhere to store your jewellery in the day’s conclusion, these jewelry dishes can be made by you.
See how to perform it here.

Alcohol Ink Monograms On Wine Glasses

A huge tutorial on the best way best to trace letters or some other simple form and decorate wine eyeglasses.
Get more info here.

Alcohol Ink Coasters

And what about those elegant coasters which may be created for approximately $1? Are not they magnificent? This tutorial will explain just how you can create them. Get the directions here.

Alcohol Ink Glasses

Alcohol ink method may be used on bottles, drinking glasses, wine glasses, glass vases or glasses !
Get the tutorial here.

Upcycled Aluminum Wreath

An wonderful, inexpensive, everlasting and eco friendly option to your wreath made of autumn leaves.
Get the tutorial here.

Alcohol Ink Abstract Wall Art

This innovative and enjoyable DIY job is suitable even for people who think of themselves as artists that are poor!
More information here.

Alcohol Ink Dyed Candles

Quick and effortless project. It is a terrific way to customize and personalize your decor very quickly.
Obtain the tutorial here.

Upcycled Glass Table

Have a look at this amazing makeover! Applying paint and alcohol inks you can rekindle an older piece of furniture.

DIY Switch Plates with Alcohol Ink

If you want to add a pop of color to your walls, then this is an ideal way. Read the directions here.

Food Dishes with Alcohol Inks

This entertaining and effortless project is a excellent way to liven a number of old glass dishes such as bowls, plates, glasses or vases. Find additional information here.

Alcohol Ink Valentine Hearts

If you would like to give it a try with alcohol ink crafting, then this is your very first job. So simple and fun!
Get more info here.

Homemade Necklace

Utilize bright-colored inks to make a simple yet cute bit of jewelry. Get more info here.

Homemade Alcohol Ink Ornaments

This tutorial shows effects and 4 alcohol ink methods. See the tutorial here.

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  1. These are great ideas. I love alcohol ink. I’m an artist who has been using this medium for about 3 years now. I am hapy to inspire other artists creatively. The rainbow vase with the light shining through which captured my attention is my work I’m not sure why it is used for the “pin” as there are lovely photos in the article. In any case I’m glad your enjoying the inks.


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