18 Best Ideas To Decorate Light Switch Plates


Light Switch Plates – Switch plates are often overlooked parts of their home inside, however the trend of decorating change plate is evident. Switch plate covers are easy to decorate, and there are many ways they could be updated by that you. From decoupage into switch plate that is lego, there’s something for everybody’s taste and preferences. Here are a few ways to dress up those boring switch pockets!

Easy Decoupage Light Switch Covers

You require a scrapbook paper that matches the remainder and your interior is straightforward!

Vintage Map

This switch plate cover indicates a older map of Florida and could add a superb vintage touch to your home.

Polka Dot Light Switch Plate

Any scrapbook paper or a napkin with design could improve your light switch plates.

Lego Light Switch Plate

You can create this adorable light switch plate for children room.

Octopus Light Switch

On the lookout for switch plates which could fit into your beechy house inside? Have a look at this homemade nautical light switch plate.

Key-holder Switch Plate

Simply by gluing a magnet switch your switch plate. Easy and practical!

Cute 3D Hanging Animal Light Wall Decals

Give your light switch covers life together with these wall accent wall stickers. You are able to buy them on line or you could play to generate a exceptional design.

Alcohol Ink Switch Plates

Use alcohol inks in various colors to make this multicolored light switch discs.

Diy Gold Leaf Light Switch Cover

This is a superb way to decorate with silver foliage. The job is fast and simple, and the end result is an elegant light switch plate using a statement.

A Glitter Switch Plate

Use a sprinkle of glitter and a coating of adhesive to create this light switch discs that are unique.

Seashell Light Switch

Another fantastic coastal and nautical design. Utilize them, if you have gathered plenty of seashells.

Star Wars Switch Plates

Allow this thought be your inspiration for integrating Star Wars theme, if your children — or perhaps yourself such as Star Wars saga.

Washi Tape Switch Covers

Line up strips of tape beside each plate to make this decorative light switch covers.

Shabby Chic

These shabby chic whitewashed iron change plates, covered with vines, will include a vintage touch to your home.

Polymer Clay Light Switch Plates

Polymer clay is very popular as a medium for crafts nowadays. These light switch plates are made from polymer clay and they distinctive.

Retro Swirl Switch Plates

This turn plates with a bit of gold will add a dab of style .

Whimsical & Fun

These light switch covers will turn into an light switch plates.

Multifunctional Light Switch Plates

Switch plate along with a pad of sticky notes — all in one!

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